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Our team is composed of dynamic individuals who share GFEMS mission to end modern slavery. We’re committed to working with the best and brightest people from around the world.

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A talented and engaged workforce lies at the heart of the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery. Our workforce is passionate about our mission and works diligently to identify and leverage shared goals amongst diverse stakeholders as we secure funding to build self-sustaining programs. We are bold, innovative thought leaders, sharing our successes and lessons learned as we build an evidence-based and coherent global strategy. We maintain the highest standards of business ethics and compliance, incorporating our values in all that we do.

The GFEMS team leverages global networks to ensure our programming and research is rooted in evidence, uses rigorous research methods, and ensures the protection and empowerment of those we serve.

Welcoming Sophie Otiende as CEO

Sophie Otiende

GFEMS welcomed Sophie as CEO in March 2022. Sophie is a dedicated survivor-leader who has worked within the human trafficking field for a number of years revolutionizing the ways in which survivors are supported, protected, and involved within the counter-trafficking movement. Her advocacy on standards of care and survivor engagement has made her a standout leader in the sector and earned her recognition as the US Trafficking in Persons Report Hero 2020.


Abigail Cooper

Senior Manager, Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation

Meet Abigail

Adam Needelman

Senior Program Manager

Meet Adam

Allison Hammond

Associate Program Manager

Meet Allison

Angela Perry

Director, People and Culture

Meet Angela

April Stewart

Senior Associate, Evidence and Learning

Meet April

Bart Robertson

Senior Manager, Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation

Meet Bart

Beth Garcia

Senior Communications Specialist

Meet Beth

Craig Sarsony

Senior Director, Finance and Operations

Meet Craig

Gayatri Pillai

Senior Manager, Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation

Meet Gayatri

Grace West

Senior Program Manager

Meet Grace

Hope Spector

Program Manager

Meet Hope

Mihir Prakash

Senior Research Manager

Meet Mihir

Nasir Chowdhury

Country Manager, Bangladesh

Meet Nasir

Nazira Shozodaeva

Senior Grant Programs Associate

Meet Nazira

Nic Ballou

Program Manager

Meet Nic

Sheila Chanani

Associate Director of Evidence and Learning

Meet Sheila

Shukri Hussein

Country Manager, East Africa

Meet Shukri

Sophie Otiende

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Sophie

Tasneem Nahar

Director, Grant Programs

Meet Tasneem

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