Unifying global action against modern slavery

GFEMS mobilizes resources, collaborates with partners around the world, and invests in bold solutions and actionable research to advance the global fight against modern slavery.

Our Work

We bring together the right people and resources for action

At the Global Fund, we focus on bringing together the right people and resources to advance progress in ending modern slavery, then we make smart, evidence-based investments in the most promising ideas and solutions. In our work, we: 


We draw in new resources to fulfill the vision of a global fund.


We bring together government, civil society, philanthropists, and the private sector to build sustainable and scaleable solutions to end modern slavery.


We fund projects and research with the highest potential to catalyze systemic change.

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We target sectors and regions with high potential for impact

We believe that to end modern slavery sustainably, the solutions we invest in must tackle the systems that perpetuate the crime. We invest in solutions that have the potential to catalyze systemic change, and start by targeting areas with the highest potential for impact.  We implemented over 40 projects spanning 9 countries, including India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, and more. Currently, our programs focus on systemic solutions in:

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Why we need a global fund to end modern slavery 

GFEMS launched in 2017 after a group of anti-trafficking leaders agreed that a coordinated global effort was needed to advance action against modern slavery. Historically, global efforts had not reached the scale or level of coordination needed to make sustainable impact. In addition to research innovation and partnership, GFEMS was created to coordinate global anti-slavery efforts.

Our Story

We can end modern slavery by transforming the systems that perpetuate it.

By reducing the vulnerabilities of workers and communities to exploitation, changing business practices to ethically meet demand, and strengthening legislative and law enforcement capabilities, we can create systems that protect and empower the vulnerable.

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We work across geographies and sectors to develop solutions that have the highest potential for impact. Explore more:

Dive Deeper: Powering innovation through evidence

Generating evidence is a central part of advancing the fight against slavery. Creating more and better data is important to everyone in the anti-slavery fight. We make it a central part of everything we do, taking on both individual research projects and integrating rigorous evaluation into all of our project designs. Using proven research methods from other social sciences, robust monitoring and evaluation, and with an extensive network of partners, we are proud to be pushing research frontiers in the anti-slavery space. See how we’re creating evidence for action: