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Ending modern slavery requires a bold, united approach and intensive collaboration and partnership. This global fund was created to mobilize the resources, partners, evidence and ambition required to make it happen.

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About Us


Who We Are 

GFEMS is a bold, international fund working to end modern slavery. Our purpose is to raise new resources, unify global partners and efforts, and improve the available data and evidence needed to make anti-slavery work more effective.


We are building on what’s been done so far and pushing the fight against modern slavery to new heights. Working with the community who have already made incredible steps in the fight, we aim to inspire new ideas, drive action, and push progress towards a world free of slavery. We strive to ensure that survivor voices are at the heart of our interventions, research, and solutions.

What We Do

GFEMS works in places and industries with high concentrations of modern slavery. Our first investments were launched in 2018 in the Philippines, Vietnam, and India. We have since expanded into Bangladesh, Kenya, and Uganda. 

Our investments build on evidence of what works to expand and scale the most promising solutions. We invest in research, innovation, and global public goods needed in every country to accelerate the end of modern slavery. Our team develops cross-cutting interventions including supply chain management tools and global finance innovations to build more comprehensive responses.

Our Journey

In 2012, a group of anti-slavery leaders, experts, and activists convened to discuss the key challenges facing the field. They agreed that worldwide efforts were under-resourced to sustainably eradicate modern slavery. 

A new idea of a global fund was proposed to advance the global fight by raising new resources, bringing together partners across government, civil society, and the private sector; and investing in bold programs, innovative tools, and data. From this, the vision of GFEMS was born.

Following years of organizing and advocating by the GFEMS founders and supporters, our visionary first donors provided the initial investments to launch the Global Fund. In 2016, the United States Congress authorized up to $150 million for the Program to End Modern Slavery over four years. In 2017, GFEMS was created, and GFEMS secured $25 million of Program to End Modern Slavery funding from the US Government. The UK Government made a matching contribution. Additional funding came from Norway, Liechtenstein, and a further investment from the US.

With these investments, GFEMS has created a global organization with a robust, talented team in 10 countries. We invested our funding in strategic programs and research in high-priority sectors to date. Now, we’re taking what we’ve learned from our early work to draw in new resources, create new partnerships, and invest in scaling up and expanding programming globally.

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Meet Our Team

We are a committed and diverse team from around the world. Our team embodies the grit and integrity, inclusiveness and dynamism needed to make progress in our mission to end modern slavery.

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GFEMS works across six sectors and numerous geographies, implementing innovative solutions and bringing together the right partners to end modern slavery. Explore more: