GFEMS in the Philippines

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GFEMS’s migrant labor and construction [LINKS] programs in the Philippines are comprehensive, addressing each of our three key funding streams, strategic work streams and prevalence measurement innovations [LINKS]. This holistic approach, made possible by a number of factors within the Philippines, allows GFEMS effectively target each of the primary points in the migration and employment cycle that perpetuate slavery, ultimately changing the cycle and reducing prevalence. GFEMS has co-investors and implementing partners across rule of law, sustained freedom, and business engagement from the private sector, civil society, and the government that execute this program. Upon further results, these partners can sustain these efforts beyond GFEMS program duration.

Why The Philippines?

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GFEMS is investing in the Philippines because its current conditions indicate a high potential for impact

  • The high prevalence of trafficking among migrant workers

  • The Philippine Government is strongly committed to protecting its citizens at home and overseas, and is dedicated to creating frameworks that protect Filipino workers

  • The Philippine Government is strongly focused on infrastructure development under it’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ initiative, in which it has invested over 150B USD

  • The national construction sector is experiencing a labor shortage and requires thousands of new trained workers to execute projects started under ‘Build, Build, Build’

GFEMS designs programs that simultaneously leverage multiple points in the system facilitating forced labor of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

The Fund’s work in the Philippines is aimed at transforming the system that facilitates forced labor of OFWs by making it economically unprofitable for traffickers. To accomplish this, GFEMS is adopting a comprehensive portfolio approach, funding interventions that strategically target each point in the system where workers are most vulnerable. These efforts are spread across enhancing rule of law, sustained freedom for survivors, and promoting opportunities for sustainable business investment.

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Our Grants In Action