GFEMS Seeks Data Source for Predictive Screening Tool

The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) is developing a predictive screening tool to quantify the risk of forced labor in supply chain at a company level. By quantifying the risk of forced labor, GFEMS will increase companies’ visibility of their forced labor risks at an actionable level so they can take steps to effectively mitigate that risk. This will contribute to a reduction in prevalence of slavery in private sector supply chains.

GFEMS is seeking data at firm-level on (a) supply chains (b) instances of forced labor/high forced labor risk, or support in the identification of data sources:

  • Data on supply chains: Operational datasets that are collected in the course of supply  chain management, such as supply chain maps, trade data, purchase order behavior, ultimate beneficiary structure, regulatory information, and any other operational data that may correlate with the risk of forced labor.

  • Data on instances of forced labor/high forced labor risk: Instances of forced labor or high forced labor risk, revealed through enforcement, audit, or other credible data sources.

GFEMS is interested in sourcing readily available datasets, as described above, for the following:

  1. Palm oil industry in Malaysia/Indonesia

  2. Apparel industry in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam

  3. Fishing industry in Thailand/Indonesia.

If interested in collaborating with the Fund on this initiative, please send your interest to us at