Request for Proposals: Short-term Consultants


The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery seeks short-term consultants to support strategy development for the Fund’s priority geographies and industries. Consultants will support research and hypothesis development on a broad range of themes, including but not limited to:  

  • Countries

    • Bangladesh

    • India

    • Philippines

    • Vietnam

  • Industries

    • Apparel

    • Construction

    • Migration

  • Intervention models

    • Survivor care

    • Law enforcement

The Fund will consider both generalists who can apply analytical expertise across these areas, and specialists in any given area with similar experience. Consultants must have demonstrated experience producing hypothesis-driven research findings.


The consultant will be responsible for taking one or more themes and delivering value-adding research and analysis. This work will include activities such as:

  • Reviewing and assessing current findings on the prevalence of modern slavery in given country/industry

  • Identifying key actors and stakeholders in a given sector, and potential opportunities or partners for GFEMS

  • Developing theory of change and intervention priorities in a given country/sector

  • Rigorously documenting all findings as directed by the programs team


Consultants must have a demonstrated ability to conduct hypothesis-driven research and analysis for the purpose of informing strategy, for example through market research, economic analysis, management consulting, social science research, or business plan development.  Deep thematic expertise is not required, but robust knowledge of one or more themes will be considered a significant plus. Direct experience in the field of anti-slavery is not a requirement but is also a significant plus. Consultants should be well-versed in effectively packaging and presenting analysis for decision-making purposes. GFEMS will consider consultants with a broad range of years of experience based on the complexity and requirements of each unique project.

Application Process

Interested individuals should submit a proposal for service.  Proposals must include:

  • CV outlining relevant experience
  • A cover letter outlining the consultant’s:
    • Interest in working with GFEMS in this type of consultancy

    • Specific skills and perspective they would bring to the table, including relevant areas of expertise (including relevant language skills)

    • Daily Rate for services

    • General information about the consultant’s availability for such projects

  • Relevant references that can speak to the consultant’s skill in conducting similar projects

Selection Criteria

Proposals for services that most closely match the organization’s needs may be considered to support GFEMS projects on an as-available basis.  Consultant proposals will be maintained as eligible for engagement for a period of up to five years. Consideration of your proposal does not guarantee engagement to conduct a specific project and consultants maintain the right to decline any offer of engagement due to limitations in availability. GFEMS reserves the right to solicit additional vendors over time, and also may not select any vendors from the responses received. Respondents will be evaluated on the basis of relevant background, proposed cost, and references.

Interested consultants may submit proposal documents on a rolling basis to using “Short-term Consultant” as the subject line.


The Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) is a bold public-private partnership that seeks to catalyze and coordinate a coherent global strategy to end modern slavery. Our mission is to end modern slavery by making it economically unprofitable.

GFEMS will make grants across sectors and geographies with a focus on three core funding themes: rule of law, business engagement, and sustaining freedom.  The Fund’s strategy also includes the development of public-private investments across key industries and innovative approaches to evaluating what works in reducing the prevalence of modern slavery. We invite you to read more about the Fund’s strategy and early investment priorities on our website.


GFEMS is committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We take all possible measures to ensure that only those that are suitable to work within our values are recruited to work for us.