Current Funding

GFEMS does not have open funding opportunities for project delivery at this time. However, the Fund is currently designing two funding rounds for project delivery, to be announced later this year and next year. 

Under its partnership with the US Department of State, GFEMS is designing a funding round focusing on overseas foreign worker reintegration in the Philippines, forced labor in Vietnam apparel, and research and development. We aim to announce formal solicitations in early 2019.

Under its partnership with the UK Department for International Development, GFEMS is designing a funding round to target commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor among migrant workers, and forced labor in the apparel sector in India and Bangladesh.  Following the design phase, we will develop and announce formal solicitations in the first half of 2019. Please visit the RFP section of our website for more information on Requests for Proposals related to this work.

During the design phase for each funding round, GFEMS will conduct consultations with expert stakeholders who can provide insights to help shape our understanding of the needs on the ground and effective approaches to reduce the prevalence of modern slavery in these contexts. GFEMS will also engage targeted, external research and analysis support.

Applicants interested in learning more about our approach to grant-making can read through our Funding PrinciplesEvaluation Criteria, and Past Funding opportunities. We also encourage interested applicants to sign up for our newsletter and periodically check in on this page. 

At this time, GFEMS is unable to consider unsolicited requested for funding. Please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest funding opportunities.